Clearing your Head — it not what you need to be doing

We want to have a clear head — and we keep bumping our heads on why it cannot b cleared.

A clear head is lose of consciousness — and your dead.

Because energy is constantly flowing — we…

No not at all…

I had happy moments, but that changed like the weather. Way to much anxiety — I did not know how to turn it off. To much worry on my mind. I felt to much — people now call it “Energy sensitivity ” for me — as…

This is 1 part of my 2 part story on Happy Childhood.

What I appreciate authentically about being a wellness coach and not a guru- is the fact that I don’t have to be 12 steps ahead of anyone — “grammer and speling ” included. I am free — my…

my eldest sister Kim, on her way to Chicago Amnesty International conference

“Well …what do you like about it ?” I asked.

She responded — “I will tell you what I don’t like about it — it has fruit in it, you know I don’t like cooked fruit”.


Author M.S.Woodley

If STANK was seasoning -it would expand your reasoning and your mind then become an open door.

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