There was no exercising — just children at play

Under the summer sun in Bk

— we ate rainbow Icys —

if we had a quarter or 50 cents — a dollar maybe

these days

I will often spot a sky

that reminds me of the rainbow icy I devoured

I am grateful — for that EYE

a demonstration of truth

so powerfully disruptive

a negative thought — meets its demise

I look up …

there is an rainbow icy in the sky ….




you can just say

Ashe then walk away...

nothing else is needed.

This phrase — a simple gesture of kindness-

meaning “ conceive the power to make things happen and produce change”.

A very necessary change especially around healing.

When our Black friends, peers are discussing their trauma experiences in their content,

acknowledge who they’re being in the moment and keep it moving.

If you are aware of your whiteness — please

feel free to order the book from Amazon.

Share it with folks in your life who are simply “ less aware” — you know

because being aware of the impact of systemic racism and how whiteness plays out — it has levels.

awareness has levels.




Although my father passed,

his artistry is alive within me

in the very essence of my DNA

my mothers artistry,

filled in the gaps —

closed the spaces one by one by one —

existing within the limitations of Marginalization

Having a FAMILY of artist — reinforces those stitches


the limitations of marginalization

Thank you mom and dad

Dianna aka MistyDew

Artist Floyd Sapp aka Odum


Both my parents are Artist

What a privilege




The Drug song Nurse episode #3

Just a little back story but you can skip ahead -

24 months have passed, since my spinal cord surgery.

Traveling to Queens to Record, would be the first time I left Brooklyn by myself.

My mind and my body followed my spirit with a level of obedience I have never experienced before — but there were glitches.

It was as if a sober person “ the spirit” —

sent a drunk person — that would be “Me”

to deliver a message …


That’s a lot of trust.

Not having the security of my sons stroller in front of me for balance.

sitting, walking and standing was still very painful —

despite all that — I managed to get through these recording sessions- standing the whole time.



Author M.S.Woodley

Author M.S.Woodley


Parenting Colors, transcending the standards by using all of your colors - not just the ones you are use to.