Go ahead, now…you can FAIL properly!

I could have just named this blog “Dear Black people- Now you can Fail properly …but I chose not to do so. For to focus my intention on the policies, norms and standards that guide the ““f**ked up -”set me up to fail-fall -fallfail, binding quality for this type of Fail was always meant to be super intense, brutal, violent, violating and un-redemptive in its nature. Welcome to the anti-black agenda Fail — There is nothing natural about the ingredients with this particular Fail but it functions, has for a very, very long time. to serve the dominate culture with quantitative results on one hand and catastrophic results on the other. Causing years of conditioning and unearthed Trauma carried within the cells themselves - on a DNA level- its deep. Way deep.

In my book “ the Jackie of all trades — Master of ___ ?”


We explore the different types of Fail- and any Black Entrepreneur — or wannabe Black Entrepreneur who grew up in America for the the past 20,30,40,50 plus years. You know first hand how the F**ked up version of fail — functions in society.

YOu! have to put yourself on the line — in your entrepreneurial endeavors — you must have the right shoes — the right tools to aid your journey. so you can no longer afford to be operating from that version of fail- that failed you. the anti-black agenda is not normal — no matter how much it is normalized. Right or wrong it doesn’t matter- social evolution will continue on with or without you — meanwhile you must decide what you are going to focus on and Dammit! what tools you have in your hands — on your feet, in your arsenal of beliefs — That will transcend this journey.

To make right for the younger you — the innocent black child — who was disrupted- traumatized- slowly -that is what conditioning is. Hit over the head with this one dysfunctional- functioning definition of fail. Always operating — has no regard for the other life experiences you have going on.

F- fall,A- adverse,I-Intrusive, L-let down= FAIL (ANTI-BLACK AGENDA)

Just know that it will always function to some compacity — because it served so well. There are always people who will fall for the okydoke. You have options now — . To be informed is an asset. Keep it moving.

Black Entrepreneurs -Dying is inevitable — designed for everyone- the one final act- curtains closed. So you must decide that your time is NOW — and that you are teachable, trainable- reachable. that you will decide to change your definition of Fail- to the one that functions best for the moves you have to make. Even try new things bitterly- you will feel a little somethin’somethin’. Take bitter on the walk with you- it will dissipate before you know it. you will feel lighter. Just don’t wait to act. Creator has you — so start creating yours… .

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your journey is everything

MS Woodley coach — author-

transformational -leadership coach.

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